Samstag, November 11, 2006

Abu Dhabi and Dubai - Extended Version Part 3: First Night in Dubai

Nap was a bit longer than planned and we woke up around 11 p.m. when our “Concierge” Arik called us to get the confirmation for the desert tour the next day.

Evening programme: of course! From our Dubai guide book we found out the best clubs in the Emirates. We decided to go to Grand Hyatt Hotel and a club called “Mix” after we had realised that the “famous” Club in our hotel was just strange: loud music, girls dancing on a stage and just some Arabic looking people watching these girls… not easy to understand ;-)

So we took a taxi (we are learning ;-) to Grand Hyatt. Dressed in black (not really on a shoestring ;-) we entered the bar. Nice music, nice people, nice beer. Since in Dubai beer is only allowed to be sold in hotels we used the chance to have some. We spent around three hours there and suddenly at 3 a.m. music was switched off, lights turned on, party was over! Dubai rules, no more alcohol after 3!

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