Samstag, November 11, 2006

Abu Dhabi and Dubai - Extended Version Part 7: Leaving the Emirates

Arrived there we found out that we were able to check in at the Dubai city office. Very comfortable with our heavy luggage. Since we still wore short trousers and shirts we asked the guy at the desk if there was a possibility to change before check-in because on the flight it might be a bit cold. He was thinking for a second and then advised one of the other guys to open a washroom upstairs for us, in the office area of Etihad Dubai management. The washroom light was not working so the guy lighted two candles for us. What a bizarre situation!

After changing and check-in we got on the bus, by the way, still without food up to now, just a rest of the unhealthy red and extremely hot crisps on the way to the airport. Arrived there we had enough time for some duty free shopping to get rid of our Dirhams.

Then we started our six hours flight to Bangkok in the best 777 we’ve ever seen! Wireless internet access (for people with notebook, not a thing for “shoestringers” as us ;-), more than 70 on-demand-movies, more than 50 music albums of different artists, all places equipped with touchscreens. Wow! No time for sleeping because entertainment was so nice ;-)

And finally this day we got something to eat while flying towards the sunrise of our next station, Singapore.

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