Samstag, November 11, 2006

Abu Dhabi and Dubai - Extended Version Part 4: The Desert Tour

After a long recovering sleep until 11 we got up and went again towards the Creek to have some breaktfast/lunch, OK brunch, in a very nice restaurant. Springrolls with prawns! Yummy!

Back to the hotel there was already the pick-up service waiting for the desert tour. His name: Rahman, his occupation: desert driver (with specialised driving license), his style of driving: totally crazy! After picking up some Vietnamese guys and a lady working for the ministry of trade and chamber of commerce we started our tour toward the desert outside Dubai. After half an hour we reached a strange shop in the middle of nowhere. Tourist shopping center! All cars joined the tour, approx. 20 met at this place to let some air out of the tires for desert driving. Entering the desert Rahman started directly the so called “dune bashing”. In simple words: driving crazy through the dunes with the aim to move them to another place ;-) Short stop to take some photos. Best thing: Three guys from Saudi Arabia also joined the tour. Don’t they have enough own desert at home? Maybe it was a kind of being homesick.

Next stop: Camel farm with photo taking and camel touching! Poor animals! Final stop then was the “Desert Camp”. A nice prepared place for us tourists with camel riding, sand boarding, henna painting and a nice Arabic BBQ. And they also sold beer for a reasonable price!

We looked for a table and met Lira, a half Korean girl from New Zealand travelling alone to Turkey and Kuba with a stop-over in Dubai. When we asked each other from which country everybody comes from another lonely guy joined our conversation. Thomas, also from Germany. We found a table out of 50 with the only German except us! Thomas was on a business trip to Dubai and we asked him about his job: VOLKSWAGEN!!! Unbelievable, in the middle of the desert!

After the nice BBQ the final act was the belly dance with a nice act by Peter!!!

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